Duncan Barford


Knowing yourself more deeply is the crucial step in finding ways to make significant changes.

If you are depressed or anxious, then sharing those feelings in an accepting, safe space can help them feel more bearable. It can then become possible to develop a deeper awareness of the circumstances that may be giving rise to them, and of what it would be helpful to change.

If life feels meaningless or futile, being fully listened to and encouraged to tell your own story can – over time – uncover what might have become lost, and restore a sense of vitality and purpose.

If you are troubled by intrusive thoughts, or other unwanted states of mind, then exploring in depth your current circumstances and your history can place these in a meaningful context that may offer relief.

My approach is to provide a reflective, and caring space where we will work together at uncovering a deeper understanding of the feelings and issues that you are facing.

Counselling is a living conversation and a relationship between two fully-present human beings. Although considering how the past might affect the present is sometimes an important part of how counselling operates, your daily experiences, your occupation, your interests, and how you express these are also likely to provide material for our work.

Specialisms and interests

Before embarking on formal counsellor training, I undertook a long personal exploration of my own, both through psychoanalytic psychotherapy, and through Buddhist and western esoteric practices.

I am experienced in working with people who may be confronting anxiety, depression, panic attacks, bereavement, existential crises and relationship difficulties.

I have previous experience and a particular interest in working with people who may be confronting spiritual or religious problems or crises, or who may be struggling to integrate a spiritual or anomalous experience into their daily life. I do not adhere to the teaching of a single religion but, if you do, we will explore together your way of making sense of your experience.


In 1991 I received an MA in Psychoanalytic Studies from the University of Kent, the first academic course of its kind in the UK.

I graduated from Brighton University in 2017 with a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Psychotherapeutic Counselling. Since 2015 I have acquired over 1,000 hours of working with clients in a counselling setting.

I am a registered member of BACP and am fully insured against professional civil liability.

Fee and contact details

My fee is £40 per session. Each session is approximately fifty minutes. Since the COVID pandemic I have been offering remote sessions via secure video link, arranged through Psychology Sussex, the psychological healthcare practice for which I work. To contact reception and arrange an appointment please call 01273 778123. You can contact me directly by email at: duncan@brightoncounsellors.org.uk.

Due to safeguarding issues, I am not able to offer online sessions to clients situated outside the UK.